A recent Gallup report has shown that 4.5% of US adults identify as LGBTQ. However, while every city in the US has its own share of the LGBTQ population, not all cities are considered to be safe and queer-friendly. Here are 3 of the safest and friendliest cities for LGBTQ residents and travelers.

New York

Often deemed as the greatest city in the US, The Big Apple is an obvious choice for LGBTQ residents and travelers. It has historical significance and is where the events of Stonewall Inn transpired 50 years ago. The National Parks Service has also officially recognized the Stonewall National Monument as the first national landmark for LGBTQ rights, further strengthening the city’s status. LGBTQ individuals living or traveling to New York City have plenty of queer-friendly places to visit in each of the five boroughs. Not to mention the annual Pride Parade that happens in the city each year.


Philadelphia is another popular LGBTQ-friendly city, with nearly 4% of the population identifying as LGBTQ. In fact, it has a thriving LGBTQ nightlife to the point that one of the neighborhoods in the city is even nicknamed as “The Gayborhood”. This part of the city is located in the heart of Philly, with several LGBTQ-friendly and LGBTQ-owned restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques, and businesses. Not to mention the city’s historical significance in being the site of the first-ever LGBTQ civil-rights protests. Some of the streets in Philadelphia are even named after the activists and leaders who participated in those protests.

New Orleans

The French Quarter in New Orleans is considered to be a safe haven for the LBGT community, thanks to its high inclusiveness. The place is full of gay-owned bars and restaurants, and has plenty of queer-friendly hotels, guesthouses, and retail stores. With one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the country, New Orleans is also particularly popular among older LGBTQ individuals wishing to spend their retirement years in a safe city because of its overall low costs of living. The city goes big on LGBTQ celebrations, be it the Southern Decadence or the annual Gay Easter Parade.

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