What’s a better way to spend some time off from work with your partner than by planning a romantic retreat? You don’t have to book an expensive flight and spend all your savings on an extravagant trip to the Bahamas. Even a few days at these LGBTQ-friendly hotels will help you unwind and relax with your partner on your little vacation.

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels are known for their inclusive and safe environment, especially when it comes to LGBTQ travelers. The hotel chain was the first accommodation sponsor of The Trevor Project—a suicide prevention organization that helps LGBTQ youth. The Kimpton Hotels are spread across the US, making it easier for queer couples to find a safe and friendly place to stay on their vacation. The hotels also often have special promos and discounts for LGBTQ travelers.

Marriott International

Marriott International is another LGBTQ-friendly hotel chain. With multiple hotels in the country, it not only welcomes LGBTQ travelers but also helps provide them with resources that would make their trip even more fun. In 2014, Marriott even launched a campaign using the hashtag #LoveTravels to promote queer-friendly traveling in the country.

Marriott International has created a safe and friendly environment for queer travelers. It’s one of the most popular accommodation options for queer couples on their honeymoons or romantic retreats. The hotel chain has also been actively involved in sponsoring Pride events across the country, including in NYC, Washington DC, San Francisco.

Island House, Key West

If you’re planning on spending the summer in Florida, Island House is the place to stay at. As one of the most popular gay resorts in the state, it attracts gay couples and individuals from across the world.

Located in Key West, it has a laidback ambiance and hosts some of the most eventful parties and activities for their guests. Island House is also only a walkable distance from several beaches, bars, restaurants, and clubs in the area. Its central location makes it the perfect place to stay, especially if you’re planning a romantic retreat with your partner.

The resort has both fancy, villa-like rooms up for grabs as well as standard ones. Find one that best suits your budget and enjoy the facilities the resort has to offer!

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